Who is Nelea?

Nelea’s Naturals was born out of a desire to make better choices about the products I used daily. Our body absorbs the products we put on our skin and I needed to make sure I was putting good things into mine. I couldn’t find what I was looking for: natural, moisturizing, products made with simple ingredients. So, I started making my own body butter. As I used it on my skin, cuticles, feet, and hair, I saw how much more vibrant and soft my body was becoming. I couldn’t keep what I made to myself and I would give some of each batch to my close family and friends. As I shared, the feedback was consistent—they loved it and I needed to start a business with it. Although my friends would call it “Stephanie’s skin crack,” I wasn’t convinced to share with the world. I never saw myself starting a business nor did I feel really inspired to do so. Nonetheless, I consistently got signs that I needed to share my product with others beyond my family and friends. I looked for inspiration and I didn’t have to look far, just to my grandmother Nelea Kathugu.


As most Kenyan and African grandmothers are, Nelea was a force to be reckoned with. She lived with a faith that moved mountains and a love so unshakeable. With faith and love, she found strength to persevere through incredible struggles and still live with humility. From watching her live and hearing her stories, I learned to do everything with a clean heart and generosity. This translates to Nelea’s Naturals and each product that I craft. I truly enjoy making Nelea’s Naturals for you and your family because I know that I am sharing something that is created with great ingredients and lots of love, generosity, and positivity. 

My prayer is that as you use it you are inspired to walk in love and share what you have with others. 

-Stephanie Wawira